Monday, June 29, 2009

What Can Make E-Learning Fun?

Sometimes learning can be such a boring thing to do. Especially when the things that we intend to learn is a boring subject. So, what can we do to make e-learning more fun for the user? There a few things that we can do to make it happen.
  1. Putting on more pictures to make the page look more attractive. This is because when the page look in a good manner, people will tend to have more fun on using the web page.
  2. Video will also be able to attract more user to use e learning. This is because by having the video that allows users to view make e-learning more fun.
  3. Putting in mini games can make e-learning fun as well. This is because people like games and putting in games and studies will make a great combination.

So, is there any thing else that can be add on to help user to have more fun on using e-learning? And why?

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Popularity of Online Learning

Recently this incident has happen one of my friend, she is a working person but she doesn’t have any certificate so she decide to take courses to study so that she can upgrade and increase knowledge of herself but she has no extra time to study and the most important things is the finance problem because she has not much money to pay the fees. So she decided to find it through online because she heard some of her friends said that online learning is much cheaper and have time management. While she is looking for her course in online learning she found that many people study through online learning but most of the people who studying are the people from European country. She said that Malaysian people also studying but not many people compare to European country because she said that most of the Malaysian people doesn’t believe what will happen in online are true. Finally she found out the online course that has make her satisfaction and now she has extra time to study and work. In addition, she find that her time management was very good.

So do you agree that online learning in Malaysia can be approval and will become more famous?

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Poll Results (Week 5)

Does Online Learning limit socialising with the community?

Poll Results (Week 5)
According to this week's poll results, 44.4% of the voters responded "Yes" whereas 55.6 of the voters responded "No" to whether Online Learning limit socialising with the community.

The majority of the voters have responded that Online Learning does not limit socializing with the community and this could be because the voters feel that students can still communicate with the social world while they are involved in Online Learning. Students can still be exposed to the community and socialize with one another even though it is through a computer screen. For example, any individual can communicate with one another through many ways such as e-mailing, chatting online or through a web camera (web cam) and also through other ways to socialize with others.

The remaining voters have responded that Online Learning does limit socializing with the community and this could be because the voters feel that students do not get much exposure and approach to Online Learning. Maybe the voters feel that the students do not have the chance to talk and discuss matters regarding their subjects and while doing their projects as well and do not get a hands on experience while learning online.

Well, there are no right and wrong to which kind of learning one prefers and how they socialize among one another as long as they get the education they are looking for and can study effectively. People socialize differently towards others and that’s why some individuals prefer Online Learning and some prefer Traditional Learning.

Now, do you feel that people who are involved in Online Learning will be detached from socializing with others? Please feel free to share your opinions.

Thank You, cheers. :-)

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Monday, June 22, 2009

'The Star' and 'Astro" Provide E-Learning

Malaysian Internet user are now able to do e-learning that will be able to help them in their studies. User can now use them to help with their studies. Many things can be learn from e-learning.

Malaysia government now urge Malaysian student to use e-learning. This is because the Malaysian government have already provide some beneficial information for the students that will help for their preparation for all their big examination.

'The Star' and 'Astro' have help to bring in e-learning to Malaysian user. Both company have provide pre-examination paper for Malaysia user to be prepare. The steps for the user to follow in order to be able to use those facilities are easy. That makes the usability and its accessibility in good condition.

So, since that both 'The Star' and 'Astro' have provide use users with this facilities, will we use them for our benefits? why?

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Effect Of Online Learning

effect of online learning

Reference found at[HTML Online], retrieved 20th June 2009

Based on the video shown above, it shows the disciplinary issues that takes place in a class many years ago. Disciplinary issues in class happened in Traditional Learning. This is because the way the lecture was teaching is wrong. He was scolding the students who were getting low marks for their exam. Besides that, when the lecture left for just a few minutes, the class was having fun and making so much noise and behaving inappropriately. This has made the lecturer conclude that the class has less discipline among the students. Moreover, when the lecturer is teaching in front of the class, the students were making noise for no purpose and the lecturer started to scold the whole class.

In my opinion, the lecturer should not have bad temper when he is teaching his students because the moment he begins scolding, the students will feel unhappy and they will feel be in the mood to study anymore. So, the lecturer should comfort the whole class when they get low marks for the test. Besides that, the lecture should not scold the whole class when they were making noise but instead he should lower down his voice and explain the problem to the class. This will make the class feel comfortable when the lecturer is teaching.

So, compared to Traditional Learning and Online Learning, Online Learning is the most unlikely to undergo this kind of problem as students just have to face the computer screen while they are studying. In addition, students will not copy each others' work because the students will find out the answer by themselves. Moreover, their discipline will become much better.

So, do you agree that Traditional Learning has discipline issues compared to Online Learning?

Reference found at [HTML Online], retrieved 20th June 2009


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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Poll Results (Week 4)

If Online Learning were to be implemented in Malaysia, how would you react to it?

Poll Results (Week 4)

Based on this week's poll results, 72% of the voters feel 'happy' if Online Learning were to be implemented in Malaysia, 15% of the voters feel 'sad' and 13% of the voters responded that they 'do not know'.

The majority of the voters have voted that they would feel ‘happy’ if Online Learning were to be implemented in Malaysia because they can study according to their time. The reason most voters feel so could also be because they feel that it gives them much more freedom to access their learning materials and other information quickly and easily.

15% of the voters have voted that they would feel ‘sad’ if Online Learning were to be implemented in Malaysia because those voters prefer going to an education centre to learn. This reason could be because those voters can socialize among their friends and discuss about their education with one another. They can also do their assignments or projects together and communicate and establish their learning skills and ability as well. Maybe they also like a different or outdoor environment to learn than learning at home.

13% of the voters felt uncertain as to how Online Learning in Malaysia would make them feel. Perhaps these voters like the old learning system and probably they do not know if they can accept Online Learning to be implemented here in Malaysia or if it is appropriate for them.

Well, from this we can see that Malaysians want to experience Online Learning in their own country. Hence, it has not been implemented yet.

Now, do you think it would be a good opportunity to allow students and other individuals to experience Online Learning in Malaysia?

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ways to Use E-learning in Malaysia

in Malaysia don't really like the idea of using the Internet to do their studies. Well, this is because most of them don't really know how to use them. So, is those e-learning company to provide the service and help the user to get in to using the Internet to do their studies. There are so many thing we can do with e-learning.So many different thing we will be able to learn from the Internet.
Here are a few things we will be able to learn.
  1. language is one of the thing that you are able to learn. it will be useful as well as Malaysia is a country who are consider as a multi language country.
  2. Science is another things that you are able to learn from the Internet. Many different types of experiments that a person can find in the Internet to do do.
  3. Communication skill are also able to be learn from the Internet. It helps for the user to build their confident level as the user don't really have to do it in front of a real person.

so, amount all three, which one do you usually do?

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Accessibility of Online Learning

Internet has become more and more important because the users depends the Internet to search the information, download media files, playing online game. Besides that users are also using Internet as their online learning so that it will increase the user’s knowledge. So to let the users using Online Learning to study it must be in the convince situation so that every users will feel comfortable when using it.

So the accessibility in Online Learning is for those users who are unable to listen and watch clearly, handicapped and also for those user’s who has disability of studying this is because most of this users cannot have a good environment studying for the traditional learning and they prefer study using Internet. This is because Online Learning has a comfortable environment for studying and it also has lower cost compare to the specialties traditional school or college.

Moreover, the accessibility can also let those disable users to learn high-technology things so that they can follow up what are society are doing now and will not regress. Although they need some time to learn but they have the ability to learn because they have the strong willpower.

So do you think that Malaysia Online Learning should also provide more accessibility for those disable users?

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