Monday, June 1, 2009

Language Exchange Online Community オンライン言語交換コミュニティ

Based on the primary research that I found, online learning provide the exchange online community which let the user to makes friend and even learning foreign language. Online learning in Japanese word is オンライン学習 for those Japanese people who are studying will make them convenience.

*It is not the most recently website that has been taken which started in 2003.
According to the paragraphs that been posting users can exchange the language that they like and even search the job opportunities or even search the pen-pals that they want.

Language Exchange Online Community [Online], retrieved 4th June 2009


For the “How To” page it show that,

Language Exchange Online Community [Online], retrieved 4th June 2009



  1. レベルを判定する。
  2. 練習グループを作り、レッスンプランを選ぶ。
  3. 練習セッションのためのガイドラインを選択する。

Before you practice, you should do the following to prepare.

  1. Judge your level
  2. Form your practice group- choose your lession plan
  3. Choose a guide for the practice session



  1. タイマーを使用する
  2. 外国語を話しているときには、学習に専念する
  3. 母語を話しているときには、パートナーに必要なことに気をつける
  4. 文法をいつも訂正しない。会話に集中する
  5. 他の仲間のことを考慮する

During Your Practice

During your practice, you should try to follow these guidelines for an effective practice.

  1. Use the timer.
  2. Take charge of your own learning when speaking in your second language
  3. Be sensitive to your partners’ needs when speaking in your own language
  4. Don’t correct grammar all the time- strive for communication
  5. Be considerate to others

So above the words all is means that the steps that the users will have to follow when they are using my language exchange so that they can have the good preparation. In addition, users can also edit their data so that they can change their settings. [Online], retrieved 4th June 2009


So my friends, based on the secondary research that i found, will you all agree that Online Learning in Malaysia can be improved more?

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