Saturday, June 13, 2009

Accessibility of Online Learning

Internet has become more and more important because the users depends the Internet to search the information, download media files, playing online game. Besides that users are also using Internet as their online learning so that it will increase the user’s knowledge. So to let the users using Online Learning to study it must be in the convince situation so that every users will feel comfortable when using it.

So the accessibility in Online Learning is for those users who are unable to listen and watch clearly, handicapped and also for those user’s who has disability of studying this is because most of this users cannot have a good environment studying for the traditional learning and they prefer study using Internet. This is because Online Learning has a comfortable environment for studying and it also has lower cost compare to the specialties traditional school or college.

Moreover, the accessibility can also let those disable users to learn high-technology things so that they can follow up what are society are doing now and will not regress. Although they need some time to learn but they have the ability to learn because they have the strong willpower.

So do you think that Malaysia Online Learning should also provide more accessibility for those disable users?

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