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Effect Of Online Learning

effect of online learning

Reference found at[HTML Online], retrieved 20th June 2009

Based on the video shown above, it shows the disciplinary issues that takes place in a class many years ago. Disciplinary issues in class happened in Traditional Learning. This is because the way the lecture was teaching is wrong. He was scolding the students who were getting low marks for their exam. Besides that, when the lecture left for just a few minutes, the class was having fun and making so much noise and behaving inappropriately. This has made the lecturer conclude that the class has less discipline among the students. Moreover, when the lecturer is teaching in front of the class, the students were making noise for no purpose and the lecturer started to scold the whole class.

In my opinion, the lecturer should not have bad temper when he is teaching his students because the moment he begins scolding, the students will feel unhappy and they will feel be in the mood to study anymore. So, the lecturer should comfort the whole class when they get low marks for the test. Besides that, the lecture should not scold the whole class when they were making noise but instead he should lower down his voice and explain the problem to the class. This will make the class feel comfortable when the lecturer is teaching.

So, compared to Traditional Learning and Online Learning, Online Learning is the most unlikely to undergo this kind of problem as students just have to face the computer screen while they are studying. In addition, students will not copy each others' work because the students will find out the answer by themselves. Moreover, their discipline will become much better.

So, do you agree that Traditional Learning has discipline issues compared to Online Learning?

Reference found at [HTML Online], retrieved 20th June 2009


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