Monday, June 8, 2009

UPSR PMR And SPM Tutorial On E-learning

Student now are able to do more paper to get them to be prepared for their big examination in their life. Normally to do so, a student need to buy the book from the book store in order to do all the past question. But now by having e-learning, the student are able to do it online. The benefit of doing this question online will be that the student are now will be able to save their money on buying books.

The second benefit of doing this type of examination paper is that when a student have already done with the paper, the computer will then mark the paper and will then be able to give feedback on the paper toward the student. The mark will be given to the student so that the student will know his or her standing toward the examination he or she will be going to take.
Student who do the paper online will be able to grant more confident towards themselves because they have already do lots of practice on the past years question and it have get them well prepare.

So, do you thing by doing the past paper online will give the student more confident compare then the traditional way?

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