Saturday, June 27, 2009

Popularity of Online Learning

Recently this incident has happen one of my friend, she is a working person but she doesn’t have any certificate so she decide to take courses to study so that she can upgrade and increase knowledge of herself but she has no extra time to study and the most important things is the finance problem because she has not much money to pay the fees. So she decided to find it through online because she heard some of her friends said that online learning is much cheaper and have time management. While she is looking for her course in online learning she found that many people study through online learning but most of the people who studying are the people from European country. She said that Malaysian people also studying but not many people compare to European country because she said that most of the Malaysian people doesn’t believe what will happen in online are true. Finally she found out the online course that has make her satisfaction and now she has extra time to study and work. In addition, she find that her time management was very good.

So do you agree that online learning in Malaysia can be approval and will become more famous?

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1 comment:

  1. I think so. Since the world is going global now and Internet is on fast track.


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