Saturday, June 6, 2009

Type Of E-learning

E-learning doesn't means only will be using materials from book. There are many ways on conducting a subject from e-learning. There are a few ways to do so.

1. Inserting the pages from a book page to page. By doing so, the user will be able to refer back to the book easily. All the user need to do will be logging in to internet and he or she will be able to do reference.

2. Using a voice recorder to teach on the internet. To do so, 1st the teacher will need to record what he or she will be teaching about. Once it's done, it will then be able to be post on the internet. If the student doesn't understand on any particullar subject, feedback will be given so that the teacher will be able to explain them better during the next session.

3. Using web cam and video recorder. If the teacher is using the webcam, it means that the class that the teacher is teaching is going on live. It works as a video conference and the student will be able to interact with the teacher directly.

Using the vidoe recorder will be something differnce. By using it, the teacher will first record his leature by using a vidoe recorder. Then he or she will post it up on to the internet. the student will then listen and wacth what the leaturer is doing. Some example will be showed by the teacher. For example will teaching on how to play a guitar. the teacher will show on how to play them trough E-learning.

So, amoung all of this three type of E-learning, which one do you prefer? why?

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