Monday, June 22, 2009

'The Star' and 'Astro" Provide E-Learning

Malaysian Internet user are now able to do e-learning that will be able to help them in their studies. User can now use them to help with their studies. Many things can be learn from e-learning.

Malaysia government now urge Malaysian student to use e-learning. This is because the Malaysian government have already provide some beneficial information for the students that will help for their preparation for all their big examination.

'The Star' and 'Astro' have help to bring in e-learning to Malaysian user. Both company have provide pre-examination paper for Malaysia user to be prepare. The steps for the user to follow in order to be able to use those facilities are easy. That makes the usability and its accessibility in good condition.

So, since that both 'The Star' and 'Astro' have provide use users with this facilities, will we use them for our benefits? why?

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1 comment:

  1. well..i notice the star and other papers provide questions especially got upsr, pmr, spm and stpm. but im not reli sure that astro did that too.


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