Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Poll Results (Week 9)

Does this blogsite provide you with sufficient information about Online Learning in Malaysia?

Poll Results (Week 9)

Hello readers!

This will be our last poll analysis for this week.

According to this week’s poll results, 75% of the voters responded “Yes” whereas 25% of the voters responded “No” to the poll question ‘Does this blogsite provide you with sufficient information about Online Learning in Malaysia’.

The majority of the voters have responded that they feel this blogsite does provide them with sufficient information about Online Learning in Malaysia. Most probably these voters feel that way because they feel that our blogsite has fulfilled what they were seeking for about Online Learning in Malaysia. Perhaps they also feel satisfied that they know much more about this topic which they did not know before reading the posts on our blogsite.

The remaining voters have responded that they feel this blogsite does not provide them with sufficient information about Online Learning in Malaysia. These voters probably feel this way because they could not find the information that they were looking for regarding Online Learning in Malaysia. Maybe these voters feel this way because of their personal reasons as well.

Well readers, we hope you have had a nice experience reading our posts regarding Online Learning in Malaysia. Thank you for all your support towards helping us in this project throughout these few months. We do hope to receive any feedback from you. Take care and have a nice day.


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Monday, July 20, 2009

3-Dimension Able To Make E-Learning Much Better

3-Dimension function are now famously use by people all around the world. So, there wont be any surprise that you will be able to see that there will have 3-D in e-learning application in Malaysia. There are lots of benefit when a user do use 3-D in the e learning.
Here are a few of those benefits:
  1. When a user use 3-D function while using e-learning, then user will experience much more thing then a user who only use the normal e-learning application. This will make e-learning much more interesting to be use.
  2. The second benefit when a user use a 3-D function on e learning will be that the graphic that are being view by the people will be much better then the normal application. The user will be able to feel as if that there are really going through the real simulation.

So, from both of the benefit given, will you be willing to use e-learning much more often? why?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Do Oxford, Cambridge and Harford provide Online Learning

Through a research I did, I found that Oxford, Cambridge and Harford does provide Online learning because Internet has become more and more important so many of the college, universities and even high school does provide Online leaning. But however, there are not much people know Online leaning, they feel that Online learning is not safe therefore they prefer Traditional learning way because it is much more safety and approver. Somehow, there are people still take advantages to learn thru Online learning because it is much easier and saving time.

Therefore, Oxford, Cambridge and Harford which is the most famous universities are proving the changes of learning thru online. I found that it is much different compare to other online learning because it just provided the most famous course and not all the course so that people can find suitable course to study.

Oxford is offering the online learning which is the GCSE courses are teaching, nursing and policing because these are the minimum level that should require. It also provided A Level courses which have the gold standard of the English examination system that all the college and the university are also offering. Besides that, it also provide Accountancy courses and teamed up with the ACCA ( Association of Certified Chartered Accountants ) to offer the prestigious CAT ( Certified Accounting Technician ) which is the key to some outstanding careers in accountancy. In addition, Oxford also provided Business courses so that in a wide range of business areas, from planning to marketing which will make your life easier.

Cambridge also providing online learning such as Language lesion, Language course, French lessons, Spanish lessons, GCSE math’s and the Language school. This is because it is a highly competitive and uncertain world so Cambridge need to link management development to organizational goals has never been greater. Their flexible and rigorous work-based approach to learning provides a practical and affordable solution to those challenges facing managers today and in the future. Therefore, this is the heart of a stimulating and supportive community where everyone learns together under the guidance of a tutor so that everyone has the opportunities to study whereby they can study anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

Harford are also providing online learning General studies, Business Administration and Computer Information Systems. However, Harford does not provide much more because it does stabile yet in Internet so if anyone who want to study online learning thru Harford they have see more information that provided.

To compare this three universities that provide online learning the most popular this is the Cambridge because they said that they are the only one who provide the language courses. Cambridge does so through their unique Global Campus which is available through the Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So this has made the easier way for the users to gain their knowledge.

Well my friends now that you know the most famous universities also provide online learning so would you apply for it? It can save you time do you agree of that?

Reference found at [HTML Online], retrieved at 18th July 2009


Reference found at [HTML Online], retrieved at 18th July 2009


Reference found at [HTML Online], retrieved at 18th July 2009


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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Poll Results (Week 8)

What are the qualities that you think an Online Learning student/individual should have?

Poll Results (Week 8)According to this week’s poll results, 41.7% of the voters responded that the qualities that they think an Online Learning student/individual should have is ‘computer literate’, 33.3% voted ‘highly motivated’, 16.7% voted ‘intelligent’ and 8.3% voted ‘punctual’.

The majority of the voters have responded that the quality that they think an Online Learning student/individual should have is ‘computer literate’. This is the most important quality an Online Learning student/individual should have because one must know or have the ability to use computers and technology efficiently. Without having the computer knowledge, one cannot experience education online. Without having computer knowledge, Online Learning students would not be able to do their paperwork or assignments given to them.

33.3% of the voters have responded that the quality that they think an Online Learning student/individual should have is ‘highly motivated’. This is the second most important quality an Online Learning student/individual should have because a student/individual should be encouraged to do their studying online and obtain reference from various sources to be a successful online learner. Students/individuals should push themselves further and motivate themselves by doing things that will keep them occupied and interested in learning online.

16.7% of the voters have responded that the quality that they think an Online Learning student/individual should have is ‘intelligent’. This is another quality an Online Learning student/individual should have. Most probably these voters responded to this is because they feel that a student/individual should have some sort of intelligence in order to be involved in Online Learning.

8.3% of the voters have responded that the quality that they think an Online Learning student/individual should have is ‘punctual’. This is another quality an Online Learning student/individual should have. Online Learning students/individuals should be punctual for their lessons online. When a lecturer or professor wants to teach a student online, a student/individual should always be punctual and prepared for their lesson. They should be in front of the computer before the lesson begins.

From this, we can conclude that ‘computer literate’ is the most highest quality a student/individual should have and then followed by ‘highly motivated’, ‘intelligent’ and ‘punctual’. Would you agree to this poll analysis? Why?

Please send us your thoughts and feedback. Thank you. Cheers. :-)

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Monday, July 13, 2009

E Learning To Be An On Demand Program For User

User some time have trouble on using an e-learning program. So, here are some ways we can help you user to make a better choice.

Web based software allows the user to choose their time frame of using the program. So, it would be wise for you to pick the type of package that is the most fit your needs. On -Demand type of program is most fit for the type of e-learning user that have just started using it. This is because by choosing the on demand type of program, you are able to pick for you own for how long the user intend to use the application.

So, for all the user that have only started using the e-learning program, they will then be able to have time to find out about e-learning and will be able to decide that whether they still intend to continue on the application or not.

So, do you have type of program that will be able to help the users that are new to e-learning?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Online Learning With Specific Learning Tools

Based on the research that I found many people do not like to go to school to study especially this author. He seems to annoy all the studying, his father who is working but still are continue studying to learn new things and his father said there lots of things that we need to study although you are working but still you need to get experience before you work. So this author know that he can be as same as his father and try to use another way to further study which is learn by using online learning.

There are few learning tools that the author feels very interesting and wanted to share with the users which are the dynamic periodic table this are for those users who are studying chemistry can try to use this table which can help the users in keeping elements apart. Users can highlight them by their aggregate state (solid, liquid, and gas, unknown) or group (non-metals with subgroups and metals with subgroups). By clicking on an element or group will launch a separate window with the matching Wikipedia article.

The second learning tools are the periodic table of the element, this is also suitable for that chemistry, and the usefulness of this tool is great for a quick summary for each element. Which all the elements are represented by a matching image and clicking on it launches small information of the window.

In addition, there are also some tools which suitable for those biology users there are the foldit it is the game and its user’s task to build protein molecules based on previously described structures. Foldit is not really a tool that the users need everyday biology class but it can help users understand something about protein and help scientists as the same time.

Well for the mathematics there are also learning tools that can help the users which is the mathway This is an online tool that will help solve the users maths challenges. So users just enter the “problem statement”, select a subject and hit solve for the solution including the steps taken to get there.

The second learning tools are Speed Crunch which suitable for those windows, Mac and Linux software users. So unlike that mathway tool this is very powerful desktop calculators that contain a ton of helpful libraries for various maths problems.

Besides that, for those languages users there also provide the learning tool which is the Live Mocha, this is a social network for learning languages. So while the users are helping others to improve their skills in their native language, they may help users to improve a foreign language that they are struggling with it may even help users with their language homework.

The others learning tool for the language users are Verbalearn that let the user to improve their English vocabulary with online study sessions. This tool learning will keep the record of the user’s progress and weaknesses. So users can listen to their study list offline to better memorize the words and practice the pronunciation and online users also can read examples of how the word is being used.

Moreover, the others language learning tool are bullfighter it is for those MS word and Power Point Plug In software. It is quite similar To VerbaLearn, this tool is designed to improve the users use of the English language. The tool will analyze their texts or jargon. The higher the users Bull Composite score, the higher the chance people will actually understand what they are trying to say.

For those literature learning tools which is the WePapers which is can read the material others have provided and upload the users own papers to contribute to the community. So on these website users can share and expand their knowledge for free. Besides that the Zotero which support the Firefox extension that can let the users to composing an assignment or a thesis that they have to reveal their sources. It also can help you keep track of user’s references and organize a citation bibliography for Open Office or MS Word documents.

Well my friend will you find the learning tool that provide in Online that can help to solve problem? Why do you use it and not basic reference book?

Reference found at [HTML Online], retrieved at 11th July 2009


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