Monday, July 20, 2009

3-Dimension Able To Make E-Learning Much Better

3-Dimension function are now famously use by people all around the world. So, there wont be any surprise that you will be able to see that there will have 3-D in e-learning application in Malaysia. There are lots of benefit when a user do use 3-D in the e learning.
Here are a few of those benefits:
  1. When a user use 3-D function while using e-learning, then user will experience much more thing then a user who only use the normal e-learning application. This will make e-learning much more interesting to be use.
  2. The second benefit when a user use a 3-D function on e learning will be that the graphic that are being view by the people will be much better then the normal application. The user will be able to feel as if that there are really going through the real simulation.

So, from both of the benefit given, will you be willing to use e-learning much more often? why?


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