Saturday, July 11, 2009

Online Learning With Specific Learning Tools

Based on the research that I found many people do not like to go to school to study especially this author. He seems to annoy all the studying, his father who is working but still are continue studying to learn new things and his father said there lots of things that we need to study although you are working but still you need to get experience before you work. So this author know that he can be as same as his father and try to use another way to further study which is learn by using online learning.

There are few learning tools that the author feels very interesting and wanted to share with the users which are the dynamic periodic table this are for those users who are studying chemistry can try to use this table which can help the users in keeping elements apart. Users can highlight them by their aggregate state (solid, liquid, and gas, unknown) or group (non-metals with subgroups and metals with subgroups). By clicking on an element or group will launch a separate window with the matching Wikipedia article.

The second learning tools are the periodic table of the element, this is also suitable for that chemistry, and the usefulness of this tool is great for a quick summary for each element. Which all the elements are represented by a matching image and clicking on it launches small information of the window.

In addition, there are also some tools which suitable for those biology users there are the foldit it is the game and its user’s task to build protein molecules based on previously described structures. Foldit is not really a tool that the users need everyday biology class but it can help users understand something about protein and help scientists as the same time.

Well for the mathematics there are also learning tools that can help the users which is the mathway This is an online tool that will help solve the users maths challenges. So users just enter the “problem statement”, select a subject and hit solve for the solution including the steps taken to get there.

The second learning tools are Speed Crunch which suitable for those windows, Mac and Linux software users. So unlike that mathway tool this is very powerful desktop calculators that contain a ton of helpful libraries for various maths problems.

Besides that, for those languages users there also provide the learning tool which is the Live Mocha, this is a social network for learning languages. So while the users are helping others to improve their skills in their native language, they may help users to improve a foreign language that they are struggling with it may even help users with their language homework.

The others learning tool for the language users are Verbalearn that let the user to improve their English vocabulary with online study sessions. This tool learning will keep the record of the user’s progress and weaknesses. So users can listen to their study list offline to better memorize the words and practice the pronunciation and online users also can read examples of how the word is being used.

Moreover, the others language learning tool are bullfighter it is for those MS word and Power Point Plug In software. It is quite similar To VerbaLearn, this tool is designed to improve the users use of the English language. The tool will analyze their texts or jargon. The higher the users Bull Composite score, the higher the chance people will actually understand what they are trying to say.

For those literature learning tools which is the WePapers which is can read the material others have provided and upload the users own papers to contribute to the community. So on these website users can share and expand their knowledge for free. Besides that the Zotero which support the Firefox extension that can let the users to composing an assignment or a thesis that they have to reveal their sources. It also can help you keep track of user’s references and organize a citation bibliography for Open Office or MS Word documents.

Well my friend will you find the learning tool that provide in Online that can help to solve problem? Why do you use it and not basic reference book?

Reference found at [HTML Online], retrieved at 11th July 2009


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