Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Concept of using Online Learning

Based on the research that I found that many European are using online learning to enrich their knowledge because using the computer to replace the paper work is more efficiently and reducing the global warming. Beside that, the price of using online learning is cheaper compare to the traditional learning so almost all the citizen in European country have their own computer in their house. However, not all of them have the skill when using it.

Furthermore, for Asian they are also playing the important role when using online learning because they think that studying using online learning is more standard and have the extra time for them to do other works. However, they are some people still using traditional learning because Asian realize that traditional learning is more reality compare to online learning and the most important is they are not open mind and cannot accept online learning because they think that online learning do not have the proper certificate.

In my opinion, based on this two reach I found that online learning in both country are the same because although they know that using online to study is much more easier but most of them does not know how to use Internet so for them is difficult. However, they are still small amount of people like us who are using online learning to study because the traditional study may not have the information that we need but we still accept traditional learning because our country does not have higher technology so by 2020 our country may change the study standard so I hope that many people will know how to use the skill to learn.

So my friend what is your opinion about Malaysian at 2020 to start using online learning?

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Reference found at [HTML Online], retrieved at 4th July 2009


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