Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning

In the whole new era of learning we are using Internet for everything’s to increase our knowledge but there are also some advantages and disadvantages of the online learning in Malaysia.

Advantages of Online Learning

For the advantages of the online course are the form distances of learning so whenever the users wants to learn they can chose the topic that they like which is available in the Internet. Besides that, users don’t have to go to the place to study they just have select the time and the place that will make them convenience. Moreover, users can also learning by traveling anywhere and they can also access to the online classes.

The others advantages of using online learning is that the users can go for their pace which means that they can follow the flexible time that they have whenever the users have a busy schedule and doesn’t have enough time for learning, or they need more time to learn the subject that like, or users even want to accelerate through the material.

In addition, online learning are also for those workplace training is because users can take the class which will make them convenient and also can make them easily access the information whenever they need it to do their work. Usually online learning course are more reasonable than the traditional courses. This is because online learning fees are cheaper and users don’t have to pay extra transportation coasts.

Disadvantages of Online Learning

Online Learning is also has the disadvantages which some people prefer traditional learning because they can learn better. For the traditional learning users can be interaction with the instructor and other students although online learning try to simulate with the traditional learning but it cannot replace it.

If users want to succeed for the online learning they must learn some specific skills which they must be responsible for their own learning, have self-motivated and also must have a good time management skills. If users does not have the skill to learn online learning courses they will have to choose traditional learning.

The other disadvantages of the online learning is when the users are talking about online learning grids and virtual educational communities, it is accessibility but not everyone is really ready to access to a computer with an internet connection so without the internet users are facing the hard part.

Many users think that online learning only have advantages and will neglect the disadvantages. So if the online learning is the best choice for everyone why should the people still want to go for traditional learning?

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So if Malaysian stop introduce traditional learning will you all choose online learning to study?

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Poll Results (Week 1)

Are you interested to know about Online Learning in Malaysia?

Poll Results (Week 1)

According to the analysis, 100% of the voters have voted that they feel interested to know about Online Learning.

This analysis shows that people in Malaysia are very keen to know about Online Learning and this could probably be because Online Learning is a recent phenomenon of learning. People are eager to know more information about the ways they can learn online and study in their own comfort and are looking for more options than going to Higher Learning Institutions alone to get their education.

So my friend, please feel free to let us know your thoughts regarding this analysis. Thank uou, Cheers.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Can E-Learning be fun?

Learnig new thing every day is a normal human action. We basically learning new things around use every day. Sometimes, in the learning proses we find it to be hard to do so. But by doing E-Learning, it wont't be that hard to do so. This is because in E-learning, many different interesting features are added in. Examples such as pictures, image, short clips.
Games are now consider as part of E-learning as well. That is because now we are able to play and study at the same time. Example when your doing math excersice, you will be doing it in a game format as in to be able to get to the next level, you need to beat a boss in the level to be able to go on. So, this will attract the kid to do more math question so that they will be able to play more games.So the answer to the first question will be yes. E-learning can be fun.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Online Learning Vs Traditional Learning

Online learning in other countries especially in European country is much more expectable compare to Asian countries. This is because the culture of the country does not accept it because their think that study in school or home tuition is much more realistic and if there are any problem it can solve it easily. But now internet has become more and more important, people need internet to do a lot of tasking. So one of the usage is use internet to Online Learning.

Online Learning is much easier studies because users just have to take some extra time to learn online and their only have to have computer with internet to online. This will save a lots of people time for those people who are busy of working or doing their work so online learning is their best choice. Besides that, online learning can also provide different level of learning stage for those people who wants studies different courses. In addition, the fees are not so expensive because it is using internet to online and learn. Online learning are also provide certificates for the users in some specific coursers so that it proofed that they really study it and get pass through.

Traditional learning needs face to face learning because users can know what the teacher or the lectures are teaching so that they will not miss the classes. If the users facing problem users can ask question so that they will know what is the solution. Besides that, traditional learning will also provide some interesting activities that can let them learn faster so they will not feel boring when attend the class. In addition, traditional learning will also automatic help users to continue studies by providing them the better choice until they are graduation, they will get certificates easily.

This is the different between the Online Learning and Traditional Learning, so my friends if there are the opportunities will you choose Online Learning or Traditional Learning? Thanks for giving comment.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What does Online Learning actually mean?

Online learning is a learning that requires the use of the network environment. In this kind of environment students are not learning in a place, as we usually understand in the ordinary sense but in a shared “space” usually called the “cyberspace”. A learning network ‘classroom’ is anywhere that you have a personal computer, a modem, and a telephone line, satellite dish, or radio link. Dialing into the network turns your computer screen into a window on the world of learning”.

Online learning provides the main form of interactions through email, computer conferencing, online tutorials and forums. Interactions are done both asynchronously and synchronously. Course materials are also provided online. Information, announcement and course registrations are provided online. However face-to-face meetings are also conducted to support online teaching.

Well, please let us know your thoughts and feel free to tell us what you think. Until then, do continue to read more on the following posts to come. Take care, cheers.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Who uses E-Learning in Malaysia?

In this 20th century internet have been in so much use. One of the use toward the internet will be e-learning. in Malaysia, e-learning is getting porpullar amoung the people. this is because, people that are using this e-learning in Malaysia will be able to gain lots of benifits such as saving time, money, and etc. As my search around one of the search engine, i have manage to find out that poeple in malaysia who mostly use e-learning will be high school student. well, they are mostly use for the main big exams in Malaysai such as PMR,SPM and STPM. they use it for their perparation before the exams.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

What is Online Learning?

Online Learning is the type of learning that using the Internet to further their information so now a day’s many people not satisfies and hope to get more job skill or even make more money. Because of the time management and the schedule seem not possible. Now there are many online learning opportunities that can the user to gain the knowledge, get higher education, learning new skill so that they can become more intelligent. Beside that the online learning can also let user chose their own time schedule so that it will let them earn the education in their own time. This has proven that lots of the professional people learn their knowledge and the job skill without entering any of the classroom, they just have to click in to the Internet with a comfortable environment.

There are many type of learning opportunities that provide by the Internet so that it can help the user to gain knowledge and earn a certificate. For those retirees or even a housewife like to stay at home and enjoy the learning skill because it can let them speed the time. In addition, there is no limit to what user able to learn and how you want to enrich your time. So if you are pursuing a degree or the certificate, user no needs to spend a lot of money to study in college or universities and have to take out an hour of days or working schedule. Well, by finding the right learning opportunities on the web, user can gain the new skill and can enrich their time.
So my friends what is your opinion about online learning? Does it works in Malaysia?

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