Saturday, May 23, 2009

Online Learning Vs Traditional Learning

Online learning in other countries especially in European country is much more expectable compare to Asian countries. This is because the culture of the country does not accept it because their think that study in school or home tuition is much more realistic and if there are any problem it can solve it easily. But now internet has become more and more important, people need internet to do a lot of tasking. So one of the usage is use internet to Online Learning.

Online Learning is much easier studies because users just have to take some extra time to learn online and their only have to have computer with internet to online. This will save a lots of people time for those people who are busy of working or doing their work so online learning is their best choice. Besides that, online learning can also provide different level of learning stage for those people who wants studies different courses. In addition, the fees are not so expensive because it is using internet to online and learn. Online learning are also provide certificates for the users in some specific coursers so that it proofed that they really study it and get pass through.

Traditional learning needs face to face learning because users can know what the teacher or the lectures are teaching so that they will not miss the classes. If the users facing problem users can ask question so that they will know what is the solution. Besides that, traditional learning will also provide some interesting activities that can let them learn faster so they will not feel boring when attend the class. In addition, traditional learning will also automatic help users to continue studies by providing them the better choice until they are graduation, they will get certificates easily.

This is the different between the Online Learning and Traditional Learning, so my friends if there are the opportunities will you choose Online Learning or Traditional Learning? Thanks for giving comment.

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  1. I think I prefer School Learning, because without classmates you won't be motivated to actually sit down and study online, you'd just be tempted to play instead.

    Though I would go for online learning when it comes to seminars that only last a short while, like an hour. Less chances of getting distracted, and the slides are what's important, not the speaker's face.

  2. Well, I think it depends on which I want to learn. I might just prefer both. x)

  3. I prefer both but I can't think of a better investment for learning than boosting the network (bandwidth) to support online learning in all forms. The Internet is the heart, blood circulation, and oxygen of learning in the 21st century.


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