Saturday, May 16, 2009

What is Online Learning?

Online Learning is the type of learning that using the Internet to further their information so now a day’s many people not satisfies and hope to get more job skill or even make more money. Because of the time management and the schedule seem not possible. Now there are many online learning opportunities that can the user to gain the knowledge, get higher education, learning new skill so that they can become more intelligent. Beside that the online learning can also let user chose their own time schedule so that it will let them earn the education in their own time. This has proven that lots of the professional people learn their knowledge and the job skill without entering any of the classroom, they just have to click in to the Internet with a comfortable environment.

There are many type of learning opportunities that provide by the Internet so that it can help the user to gain knowledge and earn a certificate. For those retirees or even a housewife like to stay at home and enjoy the learning skill because it can let them speed the time. In addition, there is no limit to what user able to learn and how you want to enrich your time. So if you are pursuing a degree or the certificate, user no needs to spend a lot of money to study in college or universities and have to take out an hour of days or working schedule. Well, by finding the right learning opportunities on the web, user can gain the new skill and can enrich their time.
So my friends what is your opinion about online learning? Does it works in Malaysia?

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  1. Are these certificates earned through online learning qualified?

    Is it the same as long-distance learning? =/

  2. i totally agree on online learning as it is as easy as abc due to most of the household nowadays have a pc at home, and it enable to just simply click and there are able to go online and learn something new.


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